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Sant’ Ambrogio

S. Ambrogio, S. Giuseppe, S. Domenico, Ss. Nazario and Celso, S. Bartolomeo,S. Caterina, Cappella Beato Jacopo, Oratorio Ns Assunta, S. Donato, NS Guardia, Ancient Walls, Piazza Beato Jacopo, Piazza Dante, Piazza Bovani, Sea Museum, archaeological Museum, Piani di Invrea

From the “red bell tower” of Varazze’s most famous church, Sant’Ambrogio, to the Ancient Medieval Roman Walls; from t h e countless churches dating back to different periods and displaying a variety of artistic styles, to Piani di Invrea, where in 1100 a Cistercian convent dedicated to the Blessed Virgin was located in the valley called “Latronorium”, its ancient name meaning the valley of thieves and marauders.

Varazze’s art and culture is a true delight just waiting to be discovered!

Vecchie mura

Oratorio n.s. Assunta

Beato Jacopo

piazza Nello Bovani

Museo del mare

piazza Dante

San Bartolomeo

Santa Caterina

San Domenico

San Donato

San Giacomo

San Nazario e Celso

Santuario della guardia